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Control & Visibility Across Distributors

This case study presents how a Brazilian footwear brand overcame its technological challenges to enable a seamless management for its multichannel operations.

A Brazil-based footwear brand established in 1962, today manufactures 8 pairs per second and has an average annual sales volume of about 200 million. Operating over five decades, it has now evolved to become an international fashion-forward brand. With the brand’s processes aligned, the sales keep transforming into rapid order fulfillment. Its distribution network is spread across six major nations in the SEA market: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines with one distributor for each market.

The Challenges:

1) Lack of control and visibility:

Having multiple distributors spread across markets, the brand’s first and foremost challenge was to centrally manage them due to the lack of visibility on actual sales. Having a filtered view for exchange orders and return orders also had a major role to play considering lack of control and visibility.

Also, a separate system for each distributor could create more difficulties even for the distributors. This would have led to more operational hassles among distributors.

Therefore, a centralized system that could ensure complete control and visibility across their distributors was a major requirement.

2) Presence of Multiple Systems:

As the brand's distributors were not exclusive and also served other brands, each distributor had their own set of systems for their daily operations.

Different distributors meant varied systems, diversified business flows and separate preferences of all the distributors. Since the distributors did not have similar support systems or sell on the same marketplaces, it was difficult for the brand to maintain and receive a single flow of information. Besides, six distributors meant six disproportionate ways of receiving information.

This established yet another requirement which was to have a system that could ensure standardization of information flow.

3) Challenges for Distributors:

Since the distributors had different systems, the main concern of the brand was to make things simpler for their distributors. The Malaysian distributor operated with Excellence ERP, Vietnamese distributor wanted a POS system integrated with the new one, another distributor needed a WMS integration and so on.

Therefore, the brand preferred a solution that could easily integrate the distributors’ existing systems, and develop easy, simplified flow of processes for the brand as well. They were ready for technology adoption, only if it could support their existing operational structure.

Therefore, having a technological solution that was flexible enough to work with multiple other systems became a significant requirement for the brand.

4) Integration with their global web store:

Apart from challenges, the brand also wanted to expand its distribution through a global web store developed on Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform (SFCC). The plan was to have individual stores for different countries under the global store.

Such a setup involves a complex set of eCommerce ecosystem including a universal website, local microsites, support systems like payment gateway, social tracking, user details, etc. for a user-friendly seamless shopping experience.

And thus, having the ability to manage and control all their web stores across multiple countries became another necessary need.

The Solution:

To scale their eCommerce operations and bring all their distributors under one platform, the brand had precisely listed its requirements and after evaluating various options, Anchanto SelluSeller seemed to be a remarkably strong choice.

Whilst the market is full of one-size-fits-all systems, SelluSeller operates slightly differently. This intuitive system is developed from having a first hand experience after understanding eCommerce operations. SelluSeller’s team of experts undertake a detail-oriented approach by deep diving into the business model and provides a customized, best-suited solution.

a) Complete visibility over their operations

With SelluSeller’s real-time dashboard, that enables critical business data, reports and analytics at all times, the brand was able to achieve better control over their products. With this, the concern of uniform flow of information was also solved.

b) Reverse order flow

Earlier, it was difficult for the brand team to monitor the frequency of the return and exchange orders. But the SelluSeller team enabled this unique solution with minor enhancements to the system and facilitated access to insights for return & exchange orders.

c) One system for all markets

Having its presence across all these nations, and having capability to integrate with diverse distributors operating with their own set of systems, SelluSeller became their unified eCommerce management that worked smoothly across their distributors.

d) Global platform with localized integrations

SelluSeller’s expert team delivered customized integration with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With this, the brand was able to manage all their marketplaces along with its global webstore.

The Conclusion:

With SelluSeller, this footwear brand has a major break-through in managing its multichannel operations. It can further maximize its distribution, enhance a consolidated customer experience and launch new capabilities faster than ever. Following their pilot in three countries namely Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, the brand is soon looking forward to offering the same technological efficiency to its other distributors from Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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