Five Most Common Mistakes Made by Online Stores

Five Most Common Mistakes Made by Online Stores

This highlights the current evolution of business and the importance for these companies to have the necessary tools to expand their business through the network. However, if the person in charge of a physical store closes his eyes and does not talk to his customers, would he sell?

Moreover, when it comes to running an online store successfully in Indonesian, the importance of customer interaction and invention is equal or even more critical. Here are some of the most usual mistakes that online stores make towards their users.

1. Offering the same prices as the physical store.

When an online store is set up, it is necessary to separate its concept from that of the physical store. This happens because they need different marketing strategies. This leads to different prices in a similar product.

To understand this, take a situation; If you are selling something online and the same product is being sold by your neighbour at a physical store. You would initiate an online marketing strategy while your neighbour would go for hoarding, pamphlets, posters and billboards. You might be advertising it in a video format, whereas the neighbour would go for a print media at first. There are several other factors that would affect the price.

2. Not displaying contact information.

The contact, in addition to security and trust, offers the user a way to solve problems. So, why hide it? If this information is not provided to the user, the chances are that sales and potential customers will be lost. The contact information must be visible and, if possible, on all pages, not just the cover. If you also use a real-time response system such as Twitter or Facebook to resolve any doubt on the part of the user, the conversions will increase exponentially.

3. Having misleading product information.

One of the things that bothers Indonesian users is not having the image of a product or the description. If the image also has nothing to do with the product, how do you intend to sell it? It is a duty for a seller to provide all the information to the prospective customer. Image of the product plays a very important role in the prospective buyer’s mind. The user shall get all the graphics elements that provide the maximum information of the product. This will help them make their mind to purchase it.

4. Not being able to buy without registering.

One of the big mistakes made by any seller is the amount of questions a customer has to deal with before making any purchase. It is a fact that the more difficulties the user has with a purchase, the less he will buy. You have to offer the possibility of buying without registering to see how sales increase considerably. You will be able to see the change in the conversion rate.

5. Not Having Product Search Engine Optimization in Place.

Many Indonesian users navigate with the pre-established idea of ​​buying a specific product. However, if they do not have a search engine to locate it, chances are that they would leave the page. After leaving the page in a few seconds, they will turn their heads towards the competitors who might appear in front of them.

6. Having Lesser or Poor-quality Product Images.

Another aspect that affects considering online commerce is being able to exchange a product. There are several reasons for exchanging a product. Most of them are because the user has not been able to view the product correctly due to lack of images or the lousy quality of the pictures. It is not enough to have one: the more visual information you have about the product, the less doubt the user will have, and more refunds can be avoided.

Exchanging is definitely a non-entertaining job, but if a customer pays for something, he or she would definitely want a better product. Exchanging is a great service extension offered to the customers. However, make sure that you deliver the right product at the first place so that a customer do not have to go through the exchange process. It eventually degrades the trust.

6. Not Responding to Users.

A comment system or contact form does not exist to decorate a page nor is it because the competition also has it. Customers expect a response to the questions they ask. This makes them feel important. They also get a sense of good customer service with this. This will not only resolve a dispute if the customer has any, but also help in increasing the sales gradually. Which eventually is going to increase your brand reputation. The key is to differentiate yourself from competitors and offer real customer service.

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