Top 5 Ways to Advertise Your Products for Free on the Internet

Five Most Common Mistakes Made by Online Stores

1. Having a Blog or Website

You might have known for a while now that a blog or web page is completely necessary for this era; Not only to sell but also to advertise. Start making publications on online portals of Indonesias to get subscribers and relate to them. This will create a bond of trust, and when you advertise your product, they will not hesitate to buy it. Discuss with them the usefulness, benefits and other relevant information that it is going to help you acquire. Do the same as you get new subscribers and ask them to share it if it has been served or liked. Moreover, if possible, you can also publish photos of them enjoying your purchase.

2. Using Your Social Networks

Social networks are excellent allies when it comes to free advertising in Indonesias. They let you know your followers and keep in touch with them at any time of the day. The best ones to do so are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

On Facebook, you can create your page where you can post quality photos with detailed descriptions of what you offer. Ask your friends, family, and acquaintances to share what you offer more and more. In Instagram, you should do the same. You can try videos, stories or Boomerangs to get the attention of your followers. In the same way, you can do it with YouTube through videos on your channel. The key is to generate quality content regularly on a good time.

3. Making Publicity(Advertisement) Exchanges

Advertising exchanges usually work very well today. The first thing you should do is an in-depth study of other sellers or companies, related to the Indonesia market. Then, contact those who have more followers and interactions. With the growth in the number of followers you have, your interaction with them will also grow appropriately. This will increase the chances of them getting to know your products and services. You could propose to advertise each other’s products or put the link to your product in theirs and vice versa.

4. Posting Classified Ads

Classified ads are a good option if you have empty pockets. There are many pages of classified ads. Look for the most used in Indonesias and publish your product ads over there. They are very similar to the yellow pages or classified section in newspapers. However, being on the Internet, you have many more chances of people knowing you.

Most of these pages do not charge anything to publish in them. So, you have to take care of making an attractive announcement and to do so:

  • Place a quality photo.
  • Write a good title and a good description.
  • Put the ad in the right section.

With these tips, there is no doubt that you will get a better exposure to the right audience and multiply your sales.

5. Be Part of Related (Relevant) Forums

Related forums also work if your goal is to advertise for free. The first thing to do before participating in one of them is to find the ones that relate to your product or what you are going to offer. This will make those who participate in the forum feel interested.

Simultaneously, you should publish a small text that includes your name, the link to your page and, if possible, a short description. You should also make relevant comments or respond to other people's comments. Only then will you get their attention and turn them into potential customers.

Hence, it does not matter that you do not have a significant amount of money to invest on a giant advertising campaign for your E-commerce business, there will always be an option that suits you, and that will make you succeed as anonline seller in Indonesias.

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