Get complete know how on what products sell online in Indonesia

Top 10 DIY Things to Make and Sell Online

Here are some of the ideas you can use as products to make and sell online

Corn Husk products:.

Dolls, lampshades, hats, bags, flowers, mementos and many other handmade corn husk products are made and sold here. Despite liking it, people cannot travel the world to buy these products. Why not start making and selling it via the online marketplaces? People would get the ease of purchasing a new showcase product for themselves.

Handwoven clothes:

Nowadays, traditional garments have become fashion statements. Silk and Batik not only give a classic look but also provides a very sober style. People from around the world admire the style of weaving the three colors. If not for wearing, people use it for showcasing the culture or as a souvenir. Batik and silk shirts, shawls and many other garments have a huge demand and currently in trend in Indonesia.


Ceramics are quite famous in Indonesia; from artefacts to household dishes these are very common these days. Ceramic made products have huge demand as they are less expensive and are bought as a decorative material.

Handmade Brooms:

Brooms are regular use products for almost all households. Over the top, the best part is that it does not wear off quickly. Moreover, an additional benefit is that it is entirely organic and non-allergic.

Handmade jewellery:

Everyone loves beads and pearls. Handmade jewelry is loved around the world. To make homemade jewelry, you need to have a basic understanding of patterns and latest style. People get attracted to what’s new and a little off track. Real stones last longer and can help you earn more money.

Clay art:

One of the best products to make and sell online is clay art. People do have a craving for artistic products around the world. Although you cannot travel to the river and collect clay from there, you can get quality clay from everywhere. If you have a love of art, it would be easier for you to mix the earth, craft it using your hands, dry it and apply paint on the final product. If you are not an artist, you can learn it. People have a love for clay art around the world and can pay a considerable amount for a good quality product.

These are some of the staple products that you can manufacture and sell by yourself. If you cannot construct it, get it made from the people who can do that at a standard rate.

Other general ideas include:

  • Prescription Boxes-

    These are generally a box or a set of boxes that can hold things that come under the prescription list. The prescription box is good to store medicines, medicated soaps, prescribed pills and many more.

  • Cloth Designer-

    Cloth designers are people who love to make someone look very good in what they wear. If you have the right set of skills so that you can help people look their bests, you can do a great business online by promoting your works. People would love it when they get to wear clothes that perfectly suit them.

  • Abstract, Fiber, stencil, and pattern art-

    The land of Indonesia is full of artists who can draw anything and everything on a canvas. You might be a great artist and you can sell your art online. Or, you can always help to promote an artist whose work might be influential and worth some money.

  • Author-

    No doubt the world is going digital very fast. But there will always be the requirement of a great author who knows the art of storytelling. So, if you are one of them who can spellbind someone or you might know someone who does write, you can always sell the work online. People get attracted to a good writer and if you can grasp their attention, they are going to prove to be one of the most loyal customers.

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