Meet Bhushan, Product Consultant at Anchanto

Meet Bhushan: Product Consultant at Anchanto

Joining a fast-growing company can be exciting, as there’s no dearth of challenges & fulfilling opportunities. This can get even more interesting for those who are starting their career journeys. Just ask Bhushan about this, and he will be happy to confirm this.

Right from his very first day at Anchanto, his journey has been an amazing fun-filled growth ride.

We caught up with him to bring you his experience of joining us, in his words.

Q.1 Hi Bhushan, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Born in Shirdi, a small and religious town, I moved to Pune and joined Anchanto a little more than 3 years ago. I am one of those people who actually like mathematics and have a thing for numbers. I like to passionately analyze everything, all the time.

I love reading (Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ changed my world) and photography a lot (I’ve been lucky enough to travel all across Southeast Asia and explore new cultures).

Recently, since traveling is no longer a safe hobby, I’ve started learning new languages, but I have not mastered any of them yet. (Please don’t ask me to speak in any of them.)

Q.2 Tell us about your role?

As a Product Consultant, I manage the implementation of our platforms for the customers. It involves traveling with the team (not at the moment due to COVID, of course) to our client’s premises. During this process, we hold extensive training for our customers and remain present and ready to assist till their concerned team becomes confident enough to use our systems on their own. Implementing a new system can be a major shift for them, and that is why we make sure to offer constant support.

In a nutshell, understanding our customers’ challenges, offering them the best solutions, and easing their transition to our system is our main objective.

Q.3 What has your career path at Anchanto been like?

For me, the growth opportunities at Anchanto have been amazing. I’ve had the chance to work with global clients across more than 6 countries, which has given me first-hand access to the key challenges they face.

In the last 3 years, I have worked dedicatedly to grow rapidly in my role from a 'Graduate Management Trainee' to a 'Product Consultant - Software'.

I have successfully implemented our platforms for more than 200 customers to date. In fact, I had the opportunity to be associated with the onboarding of one of the largest retail malls in SEA on our platform. Lately, I also got the chance to work with the product team to build the next version of our WMS platform. It is exciting because we are developing it based on learnings & insights from our customers and I am able to contribute a lot to it.

Q.4 Tell us a little bit about what you initially found challenging about your job?

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a tech-savvy person, at least not before I joined Anchanto. Although I immediately understood the pain points that our platforms solved after I joined, I struggled with understanding how one module of our software works in relation to the other.

On top of it, I was immediately deployed for an onsite customer onboarding in the Philippines. You can imagine how unsure it must have been. Even though it was a challenging environment for me initially, I grasped the product knowledge very fast by seeking help from my seniors who accompanied me.

Our development and product team was also extremely patient and helped me understand our platform better. (Thanks guys!). This also helped me gain a thorough understanding of how to solve the main challenges for our customers. I quickly realized that each client is unique, and soon learned the importance of molding my approach accordingly.

Q.5 What are the top three things you find rewarding about your job?

To name the top 3, I would say that I get to:

  • Help customers achieve ease while managing their day-to-day eCommerce operations
  • Travel a lot across multiple countries and meet important stakeholders from major enterprise businesses.
  • Witness how technology is shaping the landscape & be a part of this change.

In a way, working at Anchanto has given me a truly global perspective. I have learned a lot about various new cultures, languages, food, habits, and thoughts, which has helped me broaden my mental horizon in a fascinating sense.

Every day since I started working here, I get to speak with customers having different situations, challenges, and I get to learn from them. When we onboard customers, they always share a lot of positive responses with us about how our system is helping them and it motivates me a lot.

Q.6 What does the future hold for you at Anchanto?

I’d say looking at the future, makes me want to reach for my sunglasses!

But jokes apart, I am excited to implement our platforms in newer markets. We are working on developing some novel products, and I am looking forward to helping our customers use these and take their operations to the next level. It really is about how our technology manifests innovation for businesses, and that is all I am looking forward to now.

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