Make way of engaging customers by putting a discount cycle to best use

How to Use Discounts and Deals to Get More Customers Come and Stay Forever

Based on such an interaction, a customer becomes loyal. Discounts are great things to keep the customers loyal. After All, who in the world would not like to have a discount on their favourite products?

In fact, it is evident that if it is on sale, people will buy products even if it is not of their use. As an eCommerce business owner in Indonesia, you should know, when is the right time to provide discounts. Well, do not forget the quantity of discount also matters.

In numerous ways, you can show your customers how important they are to you. Some of them are:

Direct Discounts:

Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual sales offer, special occasion sales are some of the offers that you can directly offer. For example, the Vesak Day, Christmas and Dragon Boat Festival are a great time when people in Indonesia gift each other in abundance. Apart from that, you can check what’s the salary day for a particular month and start giving discounts three days before that. Hypothetically, the mass you are targeting gets the salary on 20 th of every month, start the sale from 17 th of the month itself. It gives a time window to the customers. They have ample of time to prepare for the things that they want to buy.

Social Media giveaways:

Social media is a great place to engage with your customers. To develop a healthy competition in the market and find out how much your customers love you at the same time, organize a contest in social media. Winner or not, participants get discounts on their next shopping. This is because, it has been seen that social media contests, when used tactically, can become viral in no time and encourage customer loyalty.


As it is said, a happy client is the most fabulous business of all, because they help your business to flourish in many ways. One of the ways is to get them to refer someone to your eCommerce store.

Companies have started referral bonuses to existing customers encouraging them to purchase more. For example, my bank promises me a right amount of cash back if I refer someone to take a home loan from them. Trust me; the money is enormous.

First-time offer:

You have encouraged your existing clients to do referrals by providing referral bonus. However, providing a first-time buyer discount will attract the new ones more. Depending on your speculation, you can offer discounts on your products.

Discount on a minimum purchase:

This is an irresistible offer that has been able to drive a right amount of sales. Let’s say if someone shops for 90 SGD, you offer them a movie ticket cashback if the minimum purchase is for 100 SGD.

Customer loyalty bonus:

This is the biggest and the best kind of deal you can offer an existing client. If a customer has shopped from you for long, they deserve a discount as a goodwill gesture. Send a credit or coupon to your customer via emails to make them feel special. This way you show your gratitude.

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