Use Local Marketing to Increase Sales for Your Online Business

7 Tactical Ways Every Business Can Use Local Marketing to Sell More Online

A physical store can be promoted in the local market of the country with many ways that are much more convenient; like fliers, pamphlets, sponsoring local events, joining communities and more. However, if the store is online, you will have to go out of the way and follow few tactics to make it accessible in the local market. Let us know about some of them.

1. Use Local Listing Services

Local listing is the process of entering the business details like information like your business name, address, phone number and web address in the Indonesia online directories (,,, with keywords used locally.

Search Engines would prefer the keywords that are used by the local public to bring your website up in the search with the help of your listings. For example, if you register your business with Google places, it allows users to access your online store in google searches, google maps, and google suggestions.

2. Promote on Social Media

Social media has changed the way businesses are conducted. Earlier, it used to be merely a way to connect socially. It serves the same purpose now, but with more significant advantages. You can promote your business to the general public, as well as to the specific target consumers. Creating a business ad or page on Facebook, a business channel on Twitter and networking on LinkedIn can serve you excellent results. Promotion on social media has proven to be very useful as it reaches to a higher number of people at once.

3. Implement SEO Practices

It serves as an optimization platform for your company’s website. It is instrumental in the online visibility of a website or a web page in the search engines. Search engines keep on changing their policies of search results. You need to consistently stay updated with these changes and optimize your website accordingly.

If your website appears on the first page, the chances of a customer visiting your website are more. One doesn’t like to hover around for too long when looking for something. So it is necessary to offer appropriate products and services as well.

4. Create a Blog

A blog serves more than just imparting education to your consumers. If the content you put is of high quality, it attracts more and more users to visit and read your articles more often. If a blog provides intriguing content, people would like it and want to learn more about what you say. In fact, people refer other people by sharing what you write. Active blog writing is a great way to attract a substantial number of people to your company’s website. Also, do not forget the audience interest you are writing for. Make sure your blogs connect personally to your readers, as a blog based on facts from USA is of no use to people from Indonesia.

5. Market on High-quality Forums Like Quora

If you have a new advertisement to make or a new sale offer, or you just want to talk about your business, forums like Medium and Quora are a great place for promotional activities. First of all, compile your thoughts and ideas and write them in a separate place before uploading the content. Make sure that you revise what you have written and come with a very high-quality content. After that, make sure it is keyword centric and unique that adds curiosity to the reader. You can create a link from this piece of article to the main blog on your site.

This way, the people would get a great platform to learn about new products. Moreover, there will be a promotion of your website as well..

6. Create Video Tutorials on YouTube and Flickr

Self-help videos and do-it-yourself videos come in handy when someone is stuck while doing something important. If your created content that can help someone solve a problem, he or she would come back regularly to your channel to find out more. This way, you can build a good fan base over a shorter period. You have to put in the unique videos that are going to sort problems for people. When they start learning and implementing the hacks, they are going to promote your ideas to others as well.

7. Incorporate Blogger’s Outreach

Connect with more and more people in the similar line of business as yours. Co- bloggers share articles and links with each other to grow mutually. Collaboration with bloggers is a great way someone can rise vertically and benefit mutually.

To sell via an eCommerce website, online presence matters the most. The more you are present among the audience, the more chances you have to grow your business. Contribution to the local communities and free service are some other great ways to promote your business. You need to offer help to the local community to build a recall factor for your brand. Recall factor is a great way you can benefit your business with. To create the impact in the people’s mind you need think for the betterment of the local community as well.

Now incorporate as many of these techniques as you can and get your business soaring in and around Indonesia!

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