Follow these basic guideline to select a theme for your online store

How to Choose the Perfect Theme for Your Online Store

That is why it's important to choose a theme that can bring out the best for your online store. Although not all eCommerce platforms in Indonesia offer a customized online-store, Shopify and WooCommerce are some of the most creative online platforms in Indonesia with regards to your eCommerce theme.

Here are some basic guidelines so you can select the perfect theme to create your online store.

#1 Give Importance to the Functionality of the Theme

The first step we usually take when we want to create a web store is to search for a beautiful and impressive theme. This is when we tend to ignore the importance of the ease of use and functionality of a particular theme.

No doubt, the appearance of your online-store is essential for your business growth. However, if you really want to be the favourite online-store for Indonesia customers, it is even more important to create a fully functional store. Hence, create an online-store with all the necessary functions that the store visitors would require to navigate easily throughout the site.

#2 Understand the Reliability of a Responsive Theme

We all understand the importance of mobile these days, so if you have an online selling store that is not yet compatible to these devices you are already saying goodbye to a lot of potential customers.

To check the responsiveness of a theme you choose for your store, simply open the demo version of the theme and refresh the browser twice or thrice to check how easily and quickly it reloads. Also try to open the same link on various platforms like desktop, mobile, tablet etc.

#3 Check for Updates and Technical Support

If a theme is not regularly updated, it is quite possible that the theme will create compatibility issues on your web store. Therefore, when you are looking for a theme, it is recommended to check that it should be updated regularly. By following such a practice you will always have a scope to include technical support for your webstore.

#4 Look up for Reviews

To know the quality of a theme, the best way is to check for user reviews and ratings online. Mostly, the theme developers create an official page where users can send their feedback and points of improvement. Dive through these pages to see if the template you like works well to attract Indonesian customers or if on the contrary, it has errors.

#5 Check Compatibility with Your eCommerce Platform

Although your theme may pass all the above-mentioned matrices, it does not necessarily mean that it is suitable for the eCommerce platform you are working on. So, before selecting any theme make sure it supports your selling platform provider in Indonesia.

If you consider all the factors we discussed today, while choosing a web store theme, there is a high probability that you will really find one that exceeds your expectations and will help you launch your online business in the shortest possible time.

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