SelluSeller App Allows you a bird’s eye view of your Entire Business!

The Power to manage business ‘on-the-go’ for eCommerce leaders.
SelluSeller app is to help you manage your eCommerce business

Also, with teams not physically present at all times, leaders face unique challenges of keeping their operations running smoothly while minimizing the errors, and having a clear picture of their performance at all times. Keeping all such challenges in mind, we launched the SelluSeller Mobile App that empowers owners to monitor & manage businesses on-the-go.

The app brings complex eCommerce sales, operations, and business performance data in real- time to CxO’s & business leaders on Android and iOS platforms. This completely eliminates the need for being physically present in one space or coordinating with a distributed team. With a bird’s eye view of your multi-channel backend operations in your palm 24*7, you can actually manage them on your fingertips.

Take a look at everything you can do through this app:

Get a Bird's Eye View of Business Operations

No matter where you are, you can view your overall sales data segregated across channels, countries & products, along with other crucial data such as your top-performing promotions & products on a comprehensive dashboard.

Monitor the Productivity of Operations Team

With a real-time view on all processes, you can analyse the productivity of your operations team. You can stay on top of any blockers and implement necessary changes to ensure smooth operations.

Ensure the Success of Your Promotions

SelluSeller mobile application offers you access to real-time insights of your promotions running across multiple channels so that you can make informed decisions and optimize to improve your campaign performance during the special sale seasons. Data such as ‘what sells more on which channel’, or ‘which product is more suitable for which channel’ can even help you strategize better promotional campaigns.

Monitor All Orders End-To-End

You can track the end-to-end journey of every order, helping you develop better operational workflows and eventually deal with high order volumes with ease. This is important given that recent market trends indicate an increase in the number of orders placed for essential items through eCommerce channels. In fact, even the non-essential items will soon garner demand as people shop more and more online.

With this new innovation, you can not only tackle challenges but also change the way you have been managing your business until now. With the power to control your business right in your hand, the possibilities are immense.

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Integrate your online channels in few steps, and try out all features of the SelluSeller

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