Increase Online Sales During eCommerce Sales Promotions

How to Maximize Selling During Peak Seasons

If you are an online seller, you must be well aware of the various promotional campaigns that Indonesiaan marketplaces such as Qoo10, Zalora, Lazada and Shopee in order to attract more customers and drive conversions. If you sell on any of these Indonesiaan marketplaces, you must be well aware that you need to start preparing at least 2-3 months in advance for these sales.

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Here are a few tips and that can help to increase your sales during various peak season sales:

Update Your Online Store

Nearly 60 percent of consumers plan to make at their purchasing during the peak season sales. So, the first and the most important thing you need to do is to update your online store with all your latest products along with their description and inventory details.

To gain an extra edge, you can also introduce customized products that are relevant with the upcoming sale.

Launch Customized Promotions

Try and launch more specific promotions around your most prominent products. This can help you push more sales for your most crucial products, increasing your chances of being a top seller in that particular category.

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Extend Your Service for Better Support

Online purchases during peak seasons often exceed millions of dollars in sales, with a large number of customers visiting your marketplaces and webstores. In such a time when order volume and traffic is much higher, you need to put in extra efforts in providing a better service and after sale support to your customers.

Offer Free Shipping

The free shipping method is the number one promotion sought by buyers.

This encourages buyers who wish to buy low value products but hesitate due to additional shipping costs. Even though that additional costs add up in your account, you can still benefit a lot in the long run. You can also offer special prices on items that are relevant for the specific occasion.

Create Special Pricing

It is true that you cannot compete on product prices each time. But do not forget that cost-conscious consumers look for unique products and good deals during peak seasons.

Having a special pricing for a special day can work wonders in terms of sales. You can also have packages or wrapped gift products ready for the last-minute buyers.

Appeal to Emotions

The Festive Spirit, Happiness, Love, Enthusiasm... connecting with all such feelings and emotions can help you persuade more customers for making a purchase. You can simply look for the best feelings that can relate with your product and center your promotions around it.

The best way to do so is by focusing on after sale customer service. Keep a track of your customer complaints and returns, so that no negative review can harm the reputation of your brand. Also,keep the return policies and procedure simple, for your customers to easily understand. This helps build a trust among your customers for your brand.

Use Your Loyal Client Database

Do you have a database of your clients? It's time to take advantage of it! Send an email with a coupon or special offer for customers who already know you.

Offer Specific Products to Give as a Gift

Offering gifts can instantly generate great customer delight. For selecting a gift, consider these two things: the product looks good and its price is affordable for you. You can even transform some of your cheap yet attractive products as gift pieces and offer them to drive sales of expensive ones.

As you can see, most of these strategies talk about giving something unusual and special to the consumer, be it a content, a gift, a promotion, an experience. Whether you choose one or all of the above strategies to attract your customers this holiday season, remember whatever you do, make them feel special.

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