Get complete know how on what products sell online in Indonesia

Top 10 DIY Things to Make and Sell Online

Here are some of the ideas you can use as products to make and sell online


Nowadays, traditional garments have become fashion statements in Indonesia. These hand- woven crafts are made of Ikat fabric which is found in Rote, Jawa. This is one of the well known fabrics and product in the southern region of Indonesia. This is completely hand woven and very popular amongst tourists and locals.

Wooden Handicraft:

Indonesian wooden handicraft comes in wide range of home decor, room decor, you can also sell wooden sculptures of Hindu Gods, decorative sculptures and even of animals. This has also become one of the checklists for the visitors to taste and also take these back home. These wooden handicrafts are also put in use to make Indonesian musical instruments.


This is the most famous fabric found in Indonesia. Batik is created by lost wax process. It helps in creating various styles on the fabric, the design is drawn on the cloth and then dyed and then the dye is melted. These are also used in making handbags and home wares.

Bamboo Handicraft:

One of the best products to make and sell online is bamboo handicraft. People do have a lot of interest in handicraft products around the world. You can select from a wide variety of bamboo containers created by the locals in Indonesia. People also buy pencil pen holders and wind chimes made of bamboo. This product is durable and tourists buy these to gift it to their relatives. These are some of the staple products that you can manufacture and sell by yourself. If you cannot construct it, get it made from the people who can do that at a standard rate.

Wayang Puppets:

These puppets have two categories, the leather puppet and the wooden puppet also known as wayang kulit and wayang golek respectively. The famous one is wayang kulit. These puppets are mainly created near eastern and western java, Indonesia. This puppet show is now a part of the Indonesian tradition through which a puppeteer tells the story of ancient epics. Tourists and the locals usually buy these as a souvenir to keep these as a show piece at homes.

Indonesian Ceramics:

Ceramics have been in use in Indonesia since 205 B.C. These are used for anything related to day to day used utensils and also for showcasing. There is also a ceramic museum in Jakarta due to which people have more knowledge about ceramic products, this has helped in more sale of ceramic products.

Indonesian Pottery:

Pottery products in Indonesia are hand worked and glazed. Indonesians prefer to keep it natural than to paint. You can get the best pottery artists near Yogyakarta Kasongan. The fashionable pottery is known as the lombok pottery which has a primitive look with a wide variety of colors. This is also quite famous amongst the Indonesian people and the tourists.

Other general ideas include:

  • Cloth Designer-

    Cloth designers are people who love to make someone look very good in what they wear. If you have the right set of skills so that you can help people look their bests, you can do a great business online by promoting your works. People would love it when they get to wear clothes that perfectly suit them.

  • Abstract, Fiber, stencil, and pattern art-

    The land of Indonesia is full of artists who can draw anything and everything on a canvas. You might be a great artist and you can sell your art online. Or, you can always help to promote an artist whose work might be influential and worth some money.

  • Author-

    No doubt the world is going digital very fast. But there will always be the requirement of a great author who knows the art of storytelling. So, if you are one of them who can spellbind someone or you might know someone who does write, you can always sell the work online. People get attracted to a good writer and if you can grasp their attention, they are going to prove to be one of the most loyal customers.


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