Top Products to Sell Online in Indonesia

Top Products to Sell Online in Indonesia

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Although there are hundreds of products that are popular amongst Indonesians, a few categories have been standing out from the rest for a long time. Additionally, not only these categories have great margins for sellers, but have been in constant demand for a long time.

Despite the competition, these few categories have been delivering best profits for multiple online sellers.

Here is a list of categories and products that will help you find interesting ideas and proposals on what all things you can sell online.

Fashion Products

Undoubtedly, fashion is the queen of trends. It is clear that it is a sector that moves many millions of dollars a year in the world of electronic commerce. But there is also fierce competition to sell things online, in the area of fashion. So, where is the opportunity to sell things online? It is in the specialization.

Children's fashion is one of the things to sell online with the most potential in fashion. Each year sales increase considerably and it is a niche market where an online store can get sell their products and have a profitable online store. Therefore, opening an online children's fashion store and working correctly is synonymous with success on the Internet.


Cosmetics is one of the most profitable things to sell online. You can find many online stores specialized in different products related to cosmetics, from low cost to super luxury. However, consumers increasingly support brands that make cosmetic products made with natural ingredients, without additives or chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. They are known as organic cosmetics or bio cosmetics and they are filling up an important gap among consumers in the grooming sector.

Natural cosmetics are already consolidated in the Indonesia, and while it is true that more and more consumers are aware of this type of product, it also helps the appearance in the mass media and the recommendations of celebrities from around the world.

This is yet another fast-growing industry globally and is expected to reach $107 billion dollars by 2022. Phone accessories include all types of products such as earphone, screen guards, chargers, repair kits, Bluetooth devices amongst others. This is directly related to the ever-increasing use of smartphones and is only going to increase further for years to come.

How to sell online is an exciting challenge. The first step to start selling is to choose the right products, we hope that with these recommendations we have helped you, or at least inspired to start up your online store.


With an impressive global net worth of $151 billion dollars, this category is surely amongst the top things that Indonesians buy online. The best thing about this niche is that you can target a diverse target group such as students, travellers, professionals, youngsters amongst many others. You can also select a wide variety of categories such as handbags, schoolbags, tote bags, sling bags, leather bags, purses, pouches, travel bags,suitcases, office handbags,skybags and more.

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With almost 1.2 billion watches being globally sold every year, this is yet another lucrative segment for online sellers. Considering the sales graph for the past 5-8 years, this number is only going to go higher in future. Stocking and maintaining watches requires relatively lesser efforts and there is a fair margin on their sale.

Other Products

Home Decor lamps- Flame lamps, moon lamps, and painting are getting the heads turned. You can use home décor lamps in your inventory because it not only makes the room look good but are also very economical.

Eco-friendly products – like the bamboo brush, sanitizers, reusable coffee cups, reusable drinking bottles are some of the products that will remain intact from now on as people are getting aware of the environmental conditions and slowly switching on to reusable products.

Batik Textiles & Indonesian Jewellery- Both these things have a rich history in Indonesia. Batik is a locally woven cloth that is used in making different types of dresses and is highly popular amongst shoppers. Indonesian jewellery made by local artists has been increasingly popular even outside Indonesia.

Hopefully, now you have a good understanding of the top selling products in the Indonesian market. Now use this knowledge and expands and selling on all online channels you sell on.


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